Our Story

We’re dedicated.

Since 1972, Cypress Trucks Lines has been a family-owned and operated trucking company based in Jacksonville, Florida, that’s been committed to the being the best on the road.

We treat our team like family, because that’s what they are.

It’s that type of atmosphere we provide, along with the best pay, benefits and opportunities the industry has to offer.

From the drivers and mechanics to the operations and office staff, the talented Cypress team works in unison to provide the greatest experience and results for our customers.

Best of all, we’re growing — and we train people who are ready to join our team, helping them reach their full potential as leaders within the Cypress family.

Our drivers on the road are front and center of who we are and what we do. They’re the backbone that keeps the business going. To that end, Cypress sets itself apart from the industry by offering unmatched perks such as guaranteed weekends home — an important benefit for many of the 600-plus drivers who proudly make us the best.

We’re large enough to command a market presence ensuring year-round freight, giving our team the peace of mind others in the industry can’t match.

Join us on the road and see for yourself. It might be the best career decision you’ve ever made.

Our Values

Simply put, it’s our people. Drivers, mechanics, operations and office, it doesn’t matter — they’re the backbone of Cypress Truck Lines. We’re committed to them and, in return, they’re committed to us. That relationship provides the best results in the industry.

Our History

H.C. Ploof founded Ploof Transfer Company of Jacksonville, FL in 1912. Mr. Ploof used mules and wagons to transport construction materials locally. As the years went by, Ploof grew and expanded, and eventually abandoned the wagons in favor of powerful tractors and trailers.

In 1941, H.C. Ploof retired and W.B. Copeland acquired ownership and changed the name to Ploof Truck Lines, Inc.

In the mid-1990s, Ploof began to experience difficulties, and in September 1999 filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Statutes. Mr. David V. Penland, President of Cypress Truck Lines, Inc., purchased the assets of Ploof Truck Lines out of bankruptcy and on November 10, 1999 changed the name to Ploof Carriers Corporation.

Cypress Truck Lines has an excellent reputation for stability, quality, and dependable service, as well as a “Satisfactory” rating with the Department of Transportation, which is the highest rating available.

Merging the operations of these two companies has resulted in the largest gypsum carrier in the United States.

Cypress Truck Lines has a distinguished history in the southeast and an even brighter future. We hope we can be of service to you and part of your future as we forge into the new millennium.

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