There’s a lot that goes into making Cypress Truck Lines a leader in flatbed trucking industry.

Our people are the best, but we also have the top-of-line equipment that helps them perform their jobs in the safest, efficient way possible.

The numbers: Six Southeast terminals, more than 600 tractors and 1,800 flatbed trailers. We offer Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth and International tractors as well as Ravens, East Mac and Utility Trailers.

Not impressed? See the best-looking equipment in the business here.

Additionally, we have numerous sites throughout the U.S. for loading and drop and hook. And, 90% of our loads are pre-loaded and tarped..

Your safety and well-being are the most important parts of working with Cypress.

To that end, we’ve installed top-of-the-line cameras in all our trucks to ensure that if something were to happen, there’s protection in place to keep your reputation intact.

“I had a perfect driving record, and for it to be ruined is devastating to me. I could have told my story until I was blue in the face, but no one would completely believe me without the camera. In the back of everyone’s mind would always (have) been the question of cellphone use, staring off in a daze or not paying attention … Thanks again for the cameras that were installed!” — Aaron Turner, Cypress Driver

Without your comfort and safety, Cypress couldn’t succeed in being an industry standard-bearer. We’re happy to do our part.

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